Pop star claims to be retiring

Justin Bieber says he might quit music

This past Tuesday, teen pop star Justin Bieber sat down for an interview with Big Boy for Los Angeles’ Power 106 station. About half way through the interview, Big Boy asked Bieber about his next album. Bieber surprised the world by saying he is probably going to quit music.

Lately, Bieber has been plagued with bad press including videos of him with prostitutes and spitting on his fans. In response, Bieber said he’s 19 and going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, Bieber explained.

“Beliebers” have been Tweeting their responses to the news. From their hearts shredding to pieces, to being upset about never meeting the star, Twitter is covered with Bieber. Some fans even refuse to believe the news is true, including E!News.

“I think Bieber was being sarcastic,” junior Ashlyn Salvato said. “I’m sure in his mind it’d be great to take a break from music and all the 10-year-olds with ‘Bieber Fever’ and start a real career. I know he’d be successful at whatever he does, but I’m sure he can’t just drop all the fame and glory. Honestly, I think it would be great for him to take a break and get a reality check. I’d hate for him to turn into another Miley Cyrus. Regardless, I will always be a Bieber fan.”