‘Stranger Things’ Actor Curates an Entire Playlist on Spotify


Fatimah Dixon, Staff Writer

Caleb McLaughlin is a name that has probably surfaced a time or two across anyone’s news headlines. Although the 16-year-old is most recognizable from his role in the Netflix sci-fi drama, Stranger Things, he is also known for his role as young Simba in a broadway adaptation of The Lion King, and being in a fake Motown group with his fellow male co-actors and James Corden. However, his most recent notoriety may come from his recently curated playlist on Spotify.

The playlist, titled Black Boy Joy, is composed of songs entirely curated by McLaughlin and is 3 hours and 8 minutes total. Within the playlist are a variety of hip-hop and rap songs, ranging from artists like Kendrick Lamar to BROCKHAMPTON and to others in between like Frank Ocean. Other songs off the playlist, falling under the R&B genre, are from the decades in the 80s and 90s, such as Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes), and Keith Sweat’s “How Deep Is Your Love.” Drakes’s song, “God’s Plan,” also made the cut into McLaughlin’s playlist; a song where its music video is Drake giving out the entire music video budget money to those in the Miami area. Another popular song, “Crew” by Goldlink, Brent Faiyaz, and Shy Glizzy, which was nominated for a Grammy, appeared on the playlist. Of course, the Black Panther soundtrack curator, Kendrick Lamar, also made a few appearances on the playlist– some of them even straight from the movie’s soundtrack.

Regardless of what song the listener is bound to hear, the feelings that will be invoked are the same: an extreme sense of carefreeness. For anyone who may be a fan of rap or hip-hop, this is definitely the playlist to listen to when doing anything, but especially conquering the day.