Grace and Fury: A Fierce Tale of Sisters and Feminism


Author Tracy Banghart creates a world similar to the “Handmaids Tale” where women have no rights. Banghart’s book, “Grace and Fury” has gained traction due to the story being feminist geared. The book was published in April, and has earned 3.9 stars on Goodreads. “Grace and Fury” is Banghart’s first novel.

In “Grace and Fury,” two sisters are groomed to become a Grace; however, their fate changes when one of the sisters rebels by reading from a book in the Grace’s quarters. The sisters are separated and then must fight to be reunited. The chapters in the book alternate from the two sisters, giving a different perspective for the reader each chapter. The book is a young adult fantasy fiction, and a special cover of the book was sold through the book subscription box Owl Crate.

The book showed a world where women have no rights in a very appealing and interesting way for readers. While there may be other books with the same premise of a world without women’s rights, this book shows a different world than other books with this premise. The book shows the great strength that the women characters have in the book, which I believe is a amazing example to any girl of any age. “Grace and Fury” gives a fantasy world and story a real life twist with its characters and politics.

“Grace and Fury” also shows an important premise of sisters, and friends that I extremely love. The relationship of the two sisters may be rocky due to the circumstances; however, they both still want to save each other to be together as a family and get out of the horrible place they are in. Their relationships shows readers that no matter how badly one person in someones life messes up that they still deserve to be safe and to that someone to forgive them.

Overall, this book has many high points for being Banghart’s first novel, and a sequel is set for next year as well. The tale of feminism is a popular one for this year and for Banghart- it definitely hits all the right points for a pro-women young adult novel. This book is a recommendation, and a must read for people who want to read a fast-paced tale of the fight of two sisters in a world where everyone is against them.