Lovable Gifts Anyone Can Make: 5 DIY Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

Whether it be your best friend, significant other or a family member, valentines gifts can be given to anyone however it is very hard to think of an original gift for someone. Some people around Valentines don’t have time to find a gift, can’t find the right one or have totally forgotten about the love themed holiday. These gifts are gifts that anyone would love and notice that someone cares about them for Valentines day.

1. Love Coupons

Any significant other or best friend would love to have a coupon to get something from you when they feel sad or just in the mood for love. Whether your coupon may be, use for one free lunch or use for one free hug, anyone will love to use these coupons. You can do these with just paper and make it fancy with sharpie and hearts.

2. ‘Open When’ Letters

These letters are a serious of ‘love letters’ that someone can open up when they are feeling sad and missing their significant other or best friend. These letters have gained traction on social media due to the fact on how you can make many to show how much you care about a person. With envolopes and lined paper and maybe a few markers, these letters would warm anyone’s hearts

3. Survival or Cuddle Kits

Kits filled with a soda, a blanket and even movies are trending this year as well. These kits would be perfect for any occasion however, the kits are extra special around Valentines day. Many people want to feel comfortable and loved all at the same time and these kits definentally show both. You can add anything to the kits to make it personalized, like different movies or snacks the person you are giving it to loves. This gift is very versatile for valentines day and can be given to anyone.

4. Custom Candy Box

Sometimes the classic red box of chocolates isn’t enough or maybe the person you are celebrating valentines day with doesn’t like chocolate. Whatever may be the case, socking up on the persons favorite candy and putting it in a box like a jewelry box is a cute idea to show your person that you care. This gift is inexpensive and most of the candy and box can be found at Walmart or even the dollar store.

5. Engraved Candle

Finally, this last easy gift just involves a candle, a knife, and paint. While using a knife, you can engrave a name, a heart or initials to personalize the candle and any color of paint to make the engraving paint. This final gift is simple yet can be significant to someone in many ways.

While valentines day is quickly approaching, these gifts are simple and can mean a lot to however receives them. Each gift is easy, reasonably priced and can be personalized in any way.  No matter who you are celebrating this love day with, letting them know you care with a personalized and DIYed gift is extra special for anyone.