A Closer Look Into the Comic Book Universe: The Umbrella Academy


Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

After the recent cancellation of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones and The Puinsher,” Netflix was on the search for a new, fresh superhero series. They found that in “The Umbrella Academy.” 

1980’s songs, bright colors and deranged superheros are what make up the new Netflix show, “The Umbrella Academy.”  This new show is based off a comic book by Gerard Way, former front man of the band “My Chemical Romance.” “The Umbrella Academy” took a while to film and edit due to the fact Way wanted the show to be perfect. Now, the series is available on Netflix, offering a new brand of superheros.

The show follows seven siblings who, with the exception of Number 7, have special powers or abilities such as time jumping or strength. The story takes viewers back to when they children were young, and to a time where a man by the name of Sir Reginald had taken them under his wing and trained them to become a crime fighting team for the city. However, in their teens, the siblings split all to become something different.

In the first episode, the siblings are brought back together after the death of Sir Reginald, which in return prompts the reunion of their superhero team, The Umbrella Academy.  As the series continues, viewers learn more about the siblings, the secrets surrounding Sir Reginald’s death, and the possible death of the world which sets up the entire story.

The show is fast paced, and turns in the plot line leaves viewers on the edge of their seat. “The Umbrella Academy” has become a huge success for Netflix, hooking close to 31 million viewers. The show’s unique spin which combines superheros and the end of mankind will change the game for future superhero series, setting a high bar for what fans expect.