‘The Cruel Prince’ Breaks Down Fantasy Genre Stereotypes


Sharpen your brain and harden your heart when reading this book. Author Holly Black released this fantasy book in 2018, with it’s sequel in early 2019. This book, “The Cruel Prince,” became hugely popular despite being just released last year. The book is about seven-year-old Jude and her two sisters, who are kidnapped to live in the High Court of the Faerie, which is the home of magical fairy witches who hate humans. Despite how she arrived at the High Court of the Faerie and despite being a human, Jude desires one thing- to feel like she belongs. Jude believes she can find her place of belonging if she can defy the High King and his Princess and win a place on the court.

In this book, Black has changed the genre of fantasy books, adding new elements of fighting and magic which are most of the time kept separate. The combination of fighting scenes, creatures and drama engulfs the reader into a magical world that entices hope for Jude. The reader follows as Jude experiences internal and external turmoil- her relationship with “father” Macdoc, her struggle for power, her restlessness with the Cruel Prince, and her journey to rise up and save the high court from corruption.

The book, which is incredibly well written and revolutionary for the fantasy genre, will hook even the most hesitant book-loving enthusiast. The characters are lovable, the scene setting and description is heavily detailed, and the story line is believable and with plenty of emotional pull.

Overall, “The Cruel Prince” is a book for all readers and will have a little bit of something everyone can enjoy. The element of fighting and magic almost will seem like an add-on to the detail and drama inside the plot line to the average reader. However, to more advanced readers with the genre, murder and kidnapping on top of magic is sure be a thriller to read.