Netflix Series ‘On My Block’ Spreads Light on Gang Violence and Teenagers


Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

The Netflix show “On My Block” made its debut with its first season in 2017. Now, after two years, the highly anticipated season two is available for viewing.

“On My Block” takes place in Freeridge, a neighborhood in California that is known to be rough and littered with gangs and scandal. While the first season introduces the viewer to the different gangs of Freeridge, season two focuses on the effect the gangs have on local teens and the neighborhood.

The main characters, Monse, Jamal and Ruby all are on a mission to get Ceaser out of the Santos, one of the local gangs. Ceaser struggles both internally and externally.

“On My Block” became important among teenagers who watched the show for many reasons. While the show can be humorous at times, it deals with tough issues such as racism, discrimination, gang violence, poverty, peer pressure and hard life decisions.

After the show’s 2017 debut, it taught and gave a voice to teenagers all throughout America. “On My Block” also showcases the fact that teenagers in the 21st century go through a lot more than other generations. This show is highly recommended for anyone who wants to see the world through a different perspective.