Why Tyler, The Creator is a Musical Genius On The Album- IGOR


Tyler, The Creator hit the music scene solo on Dec. 25, 2009. Tyler quickly caught the public eye with an unusual and new concept on music and showed perfectly that not all music fits into a perfect category. He based his music on showing that you can make music just to have fun for people who truly enjoy being yourself and expressing in the great thing that is music. He grew exponentially with his album in 2013; Wolf then followed Cherry Bomb in 2015. These two albums were mostly made to show the fun and crazy and deep mind of Tyler, but he didn’t want to make it too serious to where the listener could just feel relaxed. The album Flower Boy made in 2017 is where I personally found him, and I was hooked on how he could just take a ton of genres and put it into one album, but there is one album that I really wanna talk about because IGOR succeeds where Flower Boy falls short.

IGOR succeeds where Flower Boy falls short.”

— Jadzia Adams

IGOR is not just a love or heartbreak album but shows the highs in love and the very toxic harsh side that he executes very well. The very first thing you notice is the album cover itself. The light beautiful pink back against the harsh black and grey portrait of Tyler. The pink showing the amazing musical composition and light bubbly feeling is next to the harsh bass and static that you hear throughout the album. On the back, you will read a note that Tyler left for the listener that states that this is not a rap album and not like his other albums, but listen to it no distractions, no skipping, no pausing and shuffling so you can go on this musical and emotional journey with Tyler, The Creator.

The first song you will hear on this album is IGORS THEME, which is very chaotic and gives the feeling of not knowing what you are getting into because doesn’t really mean anything with little to no words. The next one is his most well known from the album. EARFQUAKE is about being so shaken to the core for someone that can make you feel so head over heels for them and very happy and feeling the butterflies you get while seeing that special someone. After EARFQUAKE is I THINK which the music in the background really shows how he feels trying to find his step in the crazy game that love is. He says “I think I have fallen in love, and this time I think this time it’s for real.¨ This is literally how he feels and feeling that safe secureness and trying to figure himself through all of it. Skipping to the climax of the album, A BOY IS A GUN*  is where he starts to realize the downfall of this intense feeling of love and finally coming off this high and becoming down to earth.  Realizing that maybe this boy isn’t that great for me and the realization we all come to at one point in a failing relationship. Trying to climb your way to the top to be the best for yourself and that other person, but constantly getting the feeling of being shot down anytime you are making progress. This perfectly transitions into the next song where things are starting to make sense. I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE is him finally accepting that to train ride of this relationship is finally over. He has fought with his demons in this relationship, and even realizing his own toxic downfalls. This is a very hard feeling to come around knowing that it’s over and now the next step is to move on. GONE,/GONE THANK YOU is exactly this. It’s where the album is finally happy and upbeat again thinking and feeling like it’s over and that’s okay. To look back as memories and times to look back on but not go back to.

After listening to this you really just take your own interpretation of the feeling of the lyrics and the music. That’s exactly what IGOR is made for. It’s supposed to leave you with that feeling of “what did I just listen to?” that lasts long after the album is over and that’s that musical genius mind of Tyler, The Creator.