Irreplaceable You: Good Teen Drama


Rylee Archer

Irreplaceable You

If you ever want a movie to cry your eyes out at, watch Irreplaceable You. While it has its incredibly sad and touching moments, it is undoubtedly too many emotions. It’s like riding a roller coaster with too many loops.

It’s like riding a roller coaster with too many loops.”

— Rylee Archer 10

Bess Wohl, the writer of the movie, couldn’t get the right amount of humor or sadness with the film. The amount of jokes almost confuses you while trying to watch this “emotional” movie. While the main actors (Guga Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman) did excellent jobs portraying these characters, the movie had its issues. Director Stephanie Laing makes the film seem almost tries to make the film so tear-jerking that it runs off the rail of being human.

While the story does reach some hard parts in your heart, it just doesn’t leave a big enough mark at the end. It’s any other tragic love story, only with different dialogue. For being a drama, Irreplaceable You has quite a few places to have a good laugh. The movie is rated TV-MA understandably, having some heated scenes and some emotionally challenging parts. The genres are described correctly for the film. It is heartfelt, emotional, and romantic. The romantic aspect is one of the most significant parts of the story. The main characters being entirely devoted to each other, even through the conflicts of the film. Even with the problems the film has, it is a pretty enjoyable movie to watch, if you want one to cry, laugh, and be angry at. The film has a pretty delightful cast with Christopher Walken, Steve Coogan, and Kate Mckinnon all star in the movie. For being a drama, it has quite a few jokes, maybe even too many.

Another problem the movie had was time placements. Some of the time changes were slightly random and just out of place. So you’d be watching, it jump in time. It could be not very clear for a viewer who isn’t paying close enough attention to realize it changed.

While it does have some problems, if you’re looking at it analytically, it is a perfect movie for a 15-year-old girl or boy to watch for the romance and tragic aspect. Itis indeed a good movie to watch when you want to cry or want an incredibly sad love story. However, if you look at it with analytical or professional type views, it might not be precisely what you are looking for.

You can find the movie in Netflix’s movie category, most likely sitting in the dramas, or comedies, since it couldn’t decide which it wanted to be.