Godzilla vs Kong Review


Godzilla VS Kong has a simple premise, one monster fighting another monster. This simplicity is what really helps Godzilla vs Kong because I mean who doesn’t love giant monsters fighting? No one that’s who!… or at least I hope no one. This film does an excellent job of considering the past few monster movie criticisms into account. Mainly the “Too many human characters” critique.

The plot of this movie follows a simplistic theme, as well as serving as a catalyst, in order for the two colossal beasts to fight one another. Following the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla, the hero who protected the earth from other Kaijus, has now turned “evil.” Godzilla attacks an industrial complex and for seemingly no reason. Fearing the worst, the world quickly works to deploy Kong in order to suppress or put down Godzilla. Godzilla obviously doesn’t want Kong getting in his way, thus fighting ensues. Madison Russel (Millie Bobby Brown) reprises her role in this film now spurred on by conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes (Bryan Tyree Henry). They uncover the secrets of the “Apex Cybernetics” corporation. This side story actually leads to a really interesting and revealing twist in the ladder half of the movie.

To my surprise, the movie was shot amazingly. Director Adam Wingard and Visual FX Supervisor John DesJardin did a top-notch job bringing the two iconic characters to life. The monster fights were visually stunning and creative with the first flight taking place on the ocean on top of battleships and aircraft carriers with a sunset in the background to top it off and make the battle a lot more visually pleasing.  The second battle is where the directing and visual effects really shine. The fight takes place in China at night with neon lights illuminating the titans. The fight that commences is a spectacle and visually stunning example of a “giant monster” fight. Speaking of Neon Lights I don’t see enough people talking about the cinematography of the human scenes.  In the first half of the film, I found myself blown away by just how amazing those scenes looked. They looked like something out of a Blade Runner or a Dystopian art house movie. I thought I would just give credit to those scenes since they make up a considerable portion of the movie.

This movie is simply a spectacle for hardcore Godzilla fans and casual moviegoers alike. The intense action of the fights is thrilling and exciting and provides all sorts of visual zeal.  The movie is also filled with teases for upcoming movies and lots of easter eggs for hardcore fans. There is even a homage at the end of the film mirroring the end to the original King Kong vs. Godzilla movie.