Total Drama Island, The Best Reality TV Show


“Total Drama Island” is a cartoonish reality show taken place at Camp Wawanakwa in Canada with the host being Chris Mclean, and voiced acted by Christian Potenza. This is an elimination show where those who are voted out walk the walk of shame home. The last remaining person wins $1 million.

This show, which first aired in 2007, has a total of 119 episodes and covers five seasons.

The first season features players like Gwen, who is a gothic girl, and Owen, who is overweight, funny and farts a lot. My favorite character is Duncan who is a punk kid who is laid back and cool.

Players compete in challenges on separate teams, with names such as “Killer Bass” and “Screaming Gophers.” After each challenge, the losing team has to vote a member out.  Teams have a chief who cooks nasty stuff and makes the players suffer, and challenges include things like jumping off a cliff into shark infested water, gathering equipment to build a hot tub and running obstacle courses.

The more you watched the show the more relationships and drama start to stir. Tension builds as contestants try to find reasons to eliminate one another and fight for immunity.

“Total Drama Island” can be watched on Amazon Prime.