The Effect of Music


Ever since I got Airpods for my birthday at the beginning of the year, I rarely walk through the halls without listening to music. Look around, almost everybody in the halls is listening to music in their own headphones. I think everyone has different taste in music, and music has different effects on everybody. For me, music is an escape from the outside world, especially with noise cancellation, there is something about blocking out all the noise and going into my own world.

My favorite artists, Morgan Wallen and J. Cole. J. Cole, and other rap artists, have an upbeat flow and rhythm that can make me happy or more energetic. And if you are sad because you didn’t have a Valentine this February, then Morgan Wallen is you guy. With his new album just coming out, I am excited to put both Airpods in and enjoy the place his music takes me to. It’s very hard to describe in words, but when you listen to music it seems like it calms down your jumbly thoughts and it can be very peaceful.

Last year, the average person listened to 961 hours of music. What could be so good about music that you spend over a month listening to it? To be honest, I don’t really know. It’s different for everyone, and sometimes your mood changes and you listen to certain types of music for your certain mood. But music helps people get through their day, and life would be so boring without music. Music was first created as a platform for people to express their emotions, and I think it is still used for that reason today.