Graffiti, Spraying Walls as a Form of Art

The topic over graffiti being a form of art has been a heated debate among the art community for a while. People of a younger generation believe that in some cases, graffiti can be art, while most people from an older generation see it as nothing more than vandalism.

While there are questionable graffiti art sometimes that represent nothing but inappropriate topics, there are also many cases where the art can represent something greater. The idea that it’s just vandalism or slander needs to retire, and we need to adopt that it is a form of art. The art form isn’t only used for trashing places up, it’s gained a bad reputation which is a shame because some graffiti can be an eye candy.

Graffiti allows for artists to send a message or just showcase their skills to a wider the audience, the public eye. Regular art couldn’t accomplish this as it has a more narrow audience in comparison to art that’s on the streets or walls. Graffiti is really easy to find, which means that there is more attraction to the form of art, it could make people get into it and maybe grow an interest in art.

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Art should be subjective; the piece can’t just be discarded because it’s on a wall. Often the graffiti can display something clever, funny, or just taps into emotions in general. Other times it can just be something nice to stare at for the different style, colors, shapes and many other elements that make it unique. This should be accepted as a form of art instead of pushed over for being tied in with vandalism. The fact that it’s on a wall or building adds on to the beauty, it’s sort of charming in a way.

This art can move people in a way that others can’t. These pieces can show real life problems, it at least deserves credit for that. Traditional art is more abstract and harder to understand, while graffiti can tell a story that inspires its audience. Why not have both, the more confusing traditional art with a harder message to understand and graffiti art that motivates people and has a story behind it.

People who have an issue with graffiti usually see it as vandalism. Graffiti is, for the most part, done on abandoned properties or places where it won’t disturb anyone. If the graffiti was done for vandalizing something or harming someone’s name at that point it’s not an art anymore and rather a crime. So we should be able to differentiate the art from the crime easily as the art would typically not be done to taint another’s property or name. The actual art should be deemed as art while the vandalism should be treated by the law for the crimes that were violated for the making of it.

The fact that it’s on a wall or building adds on to the beauty, it’s sort of charming in a way.

— Luis Nava, Junior

If property being marked with graffiti really is a problem though, a good compromise would be to make more graffiti parks. The parks would allow for artists to express their work in a legal and official way for the public to see. Graffiti being commonly seen as a bad thing is a real shame because there are real masterpieces out there. This could change, the support of graffiti or making parks more common could boost its reputation among the art community.