Are The Emmys Really Fair?


The Emmys, which is an annual awards ceremony for the American and international television industry, aired Sept. 12, leaving some to question who decides on the winners and are they really fair.

The Emmys are totally fair, and there are very few reasons someone could say they are unfair.

Firstly, the amount of people voting for the Emmy nominations is immense. The Academy has over 20,000 members that are divided into 31 groups of specialized fields. That is around 645 people for every group and these people are not just random people, they are all certified in their specialized areas to be voting for such a competitive award show.

Also on the topic of the voting itself, it’s not a simple process. Not only does the voting start months before, but there is also more than just one round. The first step in the process is determining the actual shows that will be nominated. The nomination process takes place during June and works by taking the top entries in each category and making them the nominated shows which are announced in July. Then in August, they vote on those nominated shows to win the award which will be announced in September.

Furthermore, the Emmys are not a new thing. The first Emmys award show was held in January of 1949; which was almost 74 years ago. This shows that the Emmys are a trustworthy competition that is fair. Because if it wasn’t someone would have brought up the unfairness of it in the past 74 years.

Many of the people who think the Emmys are not fair, their reasoning for it is that the voters do not actually watch the shows that have been nominated. This is just not factual; the voting committee is required to watch all of the nominated shows to be able to vote. This shows that one of the only reasons people think the Emmys are not fair isn’t even true.

The Emmys are totally fair and there are very few reasons anyone could say that they are unfair. So next time someone mentions the Emmys being unfair make sure you recite them to this article.