Miracle metal replacing steel

Two new revolutionizing metal alloys just hit the market. Both metals use nanotechnology and have gained attention from many different industries. Nanosteel, the larger of the two company’s partnered with Lincoln Electric, an automobile company. The upgrade from steel to Nanosteel in auto motives makes a safer experience.  Modumetal, another nano company, has created nanolaminated metal that is quickly replacing most metals in many industries. Modumetal was created by two former Isotron Corporation workers,Christina Lomasney , a physicist, and John Whitaker, a chemical engineer. Modumetal is lighter and stronger than steel making it a very sought after material. Energy company’s Chevron and Conoco Philips are not only investors in the new material but are also customers. With both these new company’s rising in the stock market the new metal is considered a revolutionizing idea and will surely alter the economy.