Volleyball Teams Fight to Remain Undefeated

Madeline Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

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The Randall volleyball team doesn’t like to lose. Thankfully, they haven’t had to do it this season.

Three months into their season, both the varsity and junior varsity teams are undefeated. Freshman Macy Marrow is on the junior varsity team.

“We have been flexible with all of the changes and have worked really hard to try and get better,” Marrow said.

Junior Peyton Irwin plays defensive specialist on the varsity team. 

“It feels amazing to be undefeated,” Irwin said. “We have worked super hard this season and we have improved so much as a team. If we won state it would feel amazing because (the Raiders) haven’t won (a title in several years).”

Senior Sarah Brown, who is on the varsity team, said she is soaking up every last remaining moment she has with her high school team.  She said she does not truly understand what it would feel like to win a state title, but suspects it would be both relieving and invigorating knowing that all of her team’s hard work had paid off. 

“(Winning state) would be an accomplishment that would live on in my life forever,” Brown said. “It has been an attainable goal for the last three years I’ve been on varsity, but to be able to bring my team to win my senior year would be an unforgettable feeling.”



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