Marching Band Transcends into State Year


Amy Neese

Drumline members play in front of the student section during a home game at Kimbrough Stadium.

Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

With music like “I’ll fly away,” classical piece angels, architecture and the idea of light and transcending to a different place in the universe after you die, the band’s theme “Transcendence” is taking audiences to a place they’ve never experienced before.  

Marching bands in Texas have state marching contests every other year depending on what conference their school is in. This is a state year for conference 5A schools, such as Randall. Band Director Ginger Denney said she has a lot of goals for the Raiders this marching season. 

Our goal is always to be better today than we were yesterday,” Denney said. “(We want to make) sure that our band family is working together alongside each other to hopefully reach our marching goals of receiving a Division 1 at Region and Area.” 

Band members, such as junior Abigail Newlon, said they are excited for this marching season. Newlon said the band is working hard to make this the best year yet.

“Band feels like we have more of an overall sense of desire to reach state this year,” Newlon said. “That motivation is really helping.”

With both band directors and students having high hopes and expectations for this season, Newlon and Denney are hopeful for a great competition year.  

“My hope is that we make memories that will last a lifetime,” Denney said. “Whether you win or lose it’s all about what you’ve learned along the way. We have a long season ahead of us and my hope is that we will enjoy the journey.”