Holiday Drive Brings Opportunity For Extended Lunch

Students and staff will enjoy an extended lunch. That is, if they can collect $5 for each student in their third period class, or a total of $5,000 at Randall High.

The money will be donated to High Plains Food Bank.

Each year, Randall participates in an annual Holiday Canned Food Drive. However, this year, the food bank isn’t asking for canned items. Instead, they’re requesting money.

The school goal is collect $5,000, which is a little less than $5 per student. With each donated dollar, the food bank claims they will be able to supply 14 meals.

Darby Norman’s student leadership and education classes are sponsoring the drive and will be visiting third period classes each day to collect funds.  The drive, which will begin tomorrow, will continue through Dec. 1.

To enjoy the extended lunch, students and staff must meet one of the two criteria. If the total amount collected is less than the $5,000 goal, third period classes will still earn a long lunch by collecting $5 for each student in class.  Norman’s classes will keep track of how much money each class donates each day. In addition, the top three classes who raise the most money per person will earn their choice of a donut or pizza party.