A Jaw-dropper: Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ is A Hit To Watch


Netflix’s newest original show to watch, ‘Outer Banks’, has redefined binge-watching to the next level. Netflix released their new show at the beginning of April, and with that, they caught the attention of the bored quarantine people looking for something to watch. As a member of the quarantine club, I a bored person looking for something to watch, stumbled upon this show, and was so captivated by it I finished it in a day or two. Timing is probably the show’s greatest contribution as it ranks 2nd in the most popular shows to watch on Netflix.

The show is mostly about a few unsupervised teenagers that are separated into the ‘Pouges’, the mischievous lower class, and the ‘Kooks’, the overprivileged rich kids. The main character Jonh B., a Pogue, is an orphan taken in by his uncle who at the time is in a completely different country while John is forced to deal with things on his own. However, he is not alone, he spends every day with his friends Jj, Kiara, and Pope who are actually more like a family to him than his own uncle. The crew mostly spends their time lounging around, fishing, swimming or unfortunately finding themselves in trouble. After Johns’s father is presumed to have died lost at sea, John is persistent in believing that his father is still out leaving him messages to find what his father set out to find, The Royal Merchant.

The Royal Merchant is a ship that sank long with a presumed amount of $400 million gold treasure on it. While John’s friends are skeptical that there is anything to look for, they continue to help in and figure out that he might be onto something. While all of this is happening since John is without legal guardian watching him, he is having to deal with constant attention from the police and is threatened into foster care if nobody stands in for him. Luck comes his way when he avoids getting taken away, but again, falters when he is on his treasure hunt because there are other people in search of the treasure, and they are willing to kill him to find it first.

On his quest, he has friended a Kook which he isn’t supposed to get along with, and they end up taking him in as a family. Eventually, this causes an even bigger conflict because he finally figures out what has happened to his father along with all of the treasure. At the ending, he has gained even more enemies than before and is having to not only escape someone who tried to kill him, but he is having to evade the police to get away from the truth. The show is at a constant what will happen next gut feeling that leaves the audience excited for the next season to come out.

For someone who craves a daring love novel or a seat rattling adventure drama,’Outer Banks’ is the best show that I’ve seen in a long while and I highly recommend watching it!