What Is The Best Way To Listen To Your Favorite Music?


Some people listen to different music genres and some people use different apps, but what is the best way to listen to music?

Music is a subject that could have many different outcomes to many different people. Maybe you are listening to Pop but the person next to you is listening to Rock. So what is best?

Some of the most popular genres being Rock, Pop, Rap, even Country have taken the world by storm and keep chewing out new ways music is given and proceeded.

As of July 2022, Hip Hop is considered to be the most popular music genre, with Rock and Pop at a close second.

When listening to music, the environment plays a key role in how you perceive it. The weather, the room, even the design of the floor can impact how you listen to music.

The people around you affect it just as much. Maybe you’re with a loved one and want to listen to something clean. Maybe you are with you’re friends and listen to something more cheery that makes you want to dance. Maybe you’re just alone and want to listen to something that you are just in the mood for.

Of course there are some people who stand their ground on genres of music. Some people hate Rock and love Hip Hop and some people could be the opposite.

In the end though, I don’t think there is a definitive answer to what is the best. It’s so subjective that anything could be the answer. From modern music to music from 1647, music is just something that listeners choose. It’s simply up to personal preference.