Does Spider-Man No Way Home still live up 1 year later?


Last year we got one of the best Marvel movies of all time Spider-Man No Way Home. It made over 1.9 billion dollars at the box office, and I think it deserves all the hype. This movie was amazing from start to finish. I remember when this movie was first in theaters and it was one of the best experiences I had.

Spider-Man No Way Home takes place after the events of Spider-Man Far From Home and deals with the fallout of Spider-Man since his identity was revealed in Far from Home and, also deals with Spider-Man social problems with his girl friend MJ played by Zendaya and his best friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon.  over all its about Peter Parker trying to balance his social life and his super hero life. They do a really good job at showing that. At some points it get very emotional and might make you tear up.

Actor Tom Holland Plays Spider-Man for the 3rd time in this movie and he is great Willem Dafoe was also amazing as the Green Goblin. He put his hart and soul into this role as if it was the last acting role he would get but, the stand out actor for me is Andrew Garfield because a lot of fans where not happy with his performance in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” he brings back his role in this movie and he is great and I think he deserves an emmy for his performance. There are so many actors that are great in this movie there are two many to name.

Overall Spider-Man No way Home is an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it I totally recommend it. I would give the movie a soiled 8/10. The movie can be watched on STARZ or anywhere you can buy movies.