Apple’s progress disappoints consumers

Apple's progress disappoints consumers

Essentially, Apple produced one product in the past decade. You can buy it in a small, (iPod Nano), a medium (iPhone) and a large (iPad). Everybody anticipated the release of each product. They couldn’t wait to exercise with their iTunes music resounding in their ears, or play Doodle Jump for endless hours on their iPod Touch.

However, Apple’s progress has stagnated. It’s high time they release a completely new product.

It’s common knowledge that every company in a free market economy must meet the needs of their consumers.  Apple has done well with their high-quality computers and tablets, but they also need to keep up with the changing demands. Apple’s cute little feud with Google Android has lasted long enough. At this point, whoever can create the newest life changing technology will have the hearts of the people, whatever that may be.

A video on YouTube features the newest technology of The video was released about a week ago, and it already has nearly 2 million views. What’s the hype all about? Amazon Dash, a device that scans barcodes and adds them to an order that Amazon will quickly fill and deliver. People are saying grocery shopping is changed forever because of a new idea: a new idea with results. Apple is lacking both.

Apple needs to have some serious brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas to challenge their competition. People were once pleased with the modern products Apple developed, but time doesn’t stand still. Their products are no longer so incomparable.  Steve Jobs is gone now but the company must move forward or risk ultimate failure.