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The student newspaper of Randall High School

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The student newspaper of Randall High School

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Let’s talk about school spirit

Camryn Barton

If the student section at last week’s game was a color, it would have been beige because it was bland and boring.

We need to talk about last week’s football game and pep rally. I believe both of those events could have gone a lot better. We as a school have to bring the energy if we want our teams to be successful.

My philosophy is that the more energy and excitement we bring to our games, the better our teams will do. We might not be on the court or field in a uniform, but our voices matter. At Randall High School we cheer and support our teams. We were one of the most feared student sections last year. Where did that mentality go? Don’t say it is because the seniors from last year are gone. They passed the baton down to us. We need to step our game up. You shouldn’t be scared or embarrassed to root for your team. We are a family.

For example, last week at the Amarillo High volleyball game, we were really loud in the first two sets. Then we went to the third set, and it went downhill from there. We all got really quiet, and not to mention half of the student section left before the game was over. I get it. It was really hot and crowded in that gym, but that is part of the high school experience. Another example is the football game we just played against Andrews. I’ll give it to them, they played a good game; but how is the away side louder than our home side? They had a third of the people that we did.

Here are some ideas of how each grade can boost school spirit in the student section.

Seniors – We are the leaders of the school. What we say and do, the other grades will follow. This is probably going to sound cheesy, but we need to lead by example. We need to be fun and loud. Don’t keep saying that last year’s events were “more hype.” Be the change and make our future events better than the last. We need to show up and show out.

Juniors – You are upperclassmen now, and we need your help. There is strength in numbers. Most of you are now driving, so if someone needs a ride to get to the games be the person to take them. You are a big dog on campus now.

Sophomores – You are no longer freshmen, so you should have the groove down of what it is like to be a Raider. Show the freshmen what that looks like.

Freshmen – Don’t be afraid to participate in an event. You don’t need to be scared or embarrassed because the majority of the kids are dressing up or going to the events. You are now going to Randall High School, and last time I checked, we all have that same thing in common.

Everyone – Don’t be afraid to dress up or bring posters to the game. If that gets too expensive, bring some shakers to the football games. All you need is a jug and some small rocks. Next time we have a school event or game we will all be more prepared.

We have a lot to be excited about this year. We are literally the Number One 4A school in the state of Texas, so let’s start cheering like it.

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Molly Riesenberg is a senior, and this is her second year writing for the Silver Streak. She joined because she wants to learn more about media and editing. She wants to WIN THE STATE FILM CONTEST. Other Interests: Guitar, video games, Tennessee Titans, and music Favorite Color: Tennessee Titan blue Favorite Animals: Bison, sharks, moose, alligators Favorite Movie or TV Show: Moana and Psych
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