District makes plans for future building and renovations

Gretta Alumbaugh, Staff Writer

At the end of March, a small group of students and staff from each of the CISD high schools met at the district support center to discuss the future plans included in the bond.

The newly approved bond, totaling close to $200 million, will include many renovations and three new facilities: two elementary schools and one high school. Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, Heather Wilson, said the new high school will be Northwest of the district.

¨The expected date for the new high school (to open) is August 2022,̈ Wilson said. ¨We hope to break grown in April of 2020.¨

The architects who will be designing the new high school met with staff and students to discuss and plan an ideal high school. Randall High will also receive renovations, including turning the East campus back in to a Junior High, and building on to and updating the West campus.

“The renovations for Randall High could start as early as the end of summer,̈ Wilson said. ¨This summer there could possibly be additional parking.¨