Netflix’s “The Society” Gives Riverdale Feel

Netflixs The Society Gives Riverdale Feel

Netflix series “The Society,” written by Chris Keyser and directed by Marc Webb, tells the story of teenagers living in West Ham. When the adult residents in town mysteriously disappear, the teenagers must create their own society in order to survive. The series, released in May 2019, has 10 episodes that are about 45-60 minutes in length.

“The Society”  takes viewers through a series of twists and turns as the teenagers strive to survive and help others. My favorite character is Gareth Visser, played by actor Jack Mulhern, who cares for others no matter the problem.

There is a whole bunch of different things that happen throughout the series, so the viewer has to pay attention to catch the specifics and details. I liked that there is a possible connection with Greek Mythology in the series. One of the characters, named Cassandra played by actor Rachel Keller, could have been the subject of the god Apollo’s affection. Apollo gave her the gift of seeing the future in exchange to win her love, but when she went back on her word and refused to be with him, he put a curse on her where she could see the future but no one would believe her.  This connection seemed to confuse many viewers and they were getting frustrated with why only a few people would believe Cassandra.

The series reminded me of  “Riverdale” or “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” and has a similar type of feel. Netflix viewers have given the series a 4.6 star rating and a 86% liking rate. Despite that, those hoping for a season 2 will be disappointed as Netflix cancelled the show in August 2020.

I really enjoyed this show, and I hope you will too.